StarWood Hot Rods 8 Superior

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12.50 / pair(s)
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Length: about 41 cm
Diameter: about 13 mm
Tip shape: Lightly rounded
Finish: Natural
Weight: about 83 g / pair

8 sticks Hot Rods with a handy plastic handle, rim protection and an adjustable ring. Softly sound on cymbals and drums.

In the middle there is a Hornbeam wooden stick about 5 mm thick, around 7 pieces about 4 mm thick Hornbeam wooden sticks - in total 8 pieces.

The middle wooden stick is some cm shorter and the resulting space is filled with silicone.

Silicone is extremely flexible, the rebound  effect is much better than with the traditional Rods. So you can with the Hot Rods 8 Superior, for example. also tremolo / swirls are played, almost like sticks.

In addition, the silicone filling holds the outer rods together (in addition), result can also be a longer life.


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