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Drumsticks in american hickory and hornbeam

Top quality!






NEW!!! Hot Rods 8 Superior




American hickory or hornbeam sticks with YOUR own logo!




American hickory Classic 5AX



Angel Drums, hand made snare drums of the top class!

Click here: Angel Snare Drums Test im Video mit Gergo Borlai

Click here: Test bei BONEDO



You find here high quality drumsticks from hornbeam (european hardwood) and american hickory.
The sticks was made from drummer for drummer. 30 years experience, it is capital for you too, also order "your" StarWood drum sticks - now!

Great list of models : 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B...
Types for every styles: Classic, Crusher, NewBeat, Oval, Round, Rock
Hot rods 7, 12 and 19
Custom sticks - also colour sticks
Custom printed sticks - drumsticks with YOUR logo
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Shipping in Germany 5,- euros, EU-countries 12,- euros.
From 59,- Euro value of ware is the shipping free in Germany.
Shipping WORLDWIDE please ask for the price!

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StarWood Team
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Tel.: (0)681 - 37 44 22
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Classic 5A Black-Natural

Product no.: HBC5ABlackNat

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Green

Product no.: HBC5AGrün

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Green-Natural

Product no.: HBC5AGrünNat

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Royal Blue

Product no.: HBC5AKBlau

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Red

Product no.: HBC5ARed

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Ruby-Red

Product no.: HBC5ARubinR

6.95 / pair(s) *

Classic 5A Ruby-Red and Natural

Product no.: HBC5ARubinRNat

6.95 / pair(s) *

Big Round 5A

Product no.: HBRO5Abig

6.50 / pair(s) *

StarWood Timbales 5A

Product no.: HBTim5A

6.25 / pair(s) *

Timbales Light hornbeam

Product no.: HBTimLight

6.25 / pair(s) *

Classic 5AX Hickory

Product no.: HIC5AX

8.90 / pair(s) *

Classic Light 5B Plus hickory

Product no.: HicCLIGHT5Bplus

8.90 / pair(s) *

StarWood Hot Rods 7 Superior

Product no.: HRods7S

12.50 / pair(s) *

StarWood Rods 7X

Product no.: HRods7X

11.80 / pair(s) *
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