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Tip-form of StarWood models

Rock: The special "Rock"- paraboloid shape of the tip develops a fat, powerful sound with a great reaction of tone.

Round: Round tips have excellent qualities with playing cymbals. The perfect stick with a round wooden.

Oval: The oval tip shape is a shorter "light version" of the teardrop tip and fits to all styles.

NewBeat: A very interesting acorn tip shape. The relatively large contact area at the play produced on a strong, crisp sound.

Crusher: Crusher tips guarantee for a bright, clear and brilliant tone. They are for playing on the cymbals but also for „back-beat“ very good.

Classic: Teardrop tips have a long form and they result in a wide tone, that has some brilliant mids because of the long tip.


Models, sizes:

9A models have   12,2 mm diameter, 405 mm length
7A models have   13,2 mm diameter, 405 mm length
5A modles have   14,3 mm diameter, 405 mm length
5B models have   15,2 mm diameter, 405 mm length
2B models have   16,2 mm diameter, 405 mm length

The"Plus" models are 420 mm long.

The "Plus-Plus“ models are  440 mm long.

Exeptionell f.eg. Crusher 5AX Hickory, size 410 mm x 14,5 mm.





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