Colour Sticks - ALL hornbeam models in colour

Product no.: CUSTCOLOR
60.00 / 10 pair(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Coloured StarWood hornbeam drum sticks

Enjoy the colours – a VERY SPECIAL OFFER!!!

Minimum quantity only 10 pairs!

Do you like a certain model, you would like to get it in a special colour, but you can’t find it in our store?
No problem! You’re not only able to order the shown coloured sticks but also EVERY SINGLE MODEL in colour.
Possible colours: (1) dark-blue, (2) white, (3) black, (4) green, (5) magenta, (6) red, (7) blue-metallic, (8) pink, (9) orange, (10) yellow, (11) rose, (12) blue, (13) ruby-red. OTHER COLORS on demand.
StarWood Logo in white or black on the drumsticks.

Sticks with coloured grip: only the grip of the sticks make colour (about 16 cm), the rest is natural.

How to order?
Your buy normally, take the sticks in the shopping basket.
IMPORTANT: please write into the rubric
"Order and delivery comments" the needed data of the sticks, for example:
Model: Classic 5A
Colour: Blue

The sticks will be make and shipping after your banktransfer.
It is an extra ordinary fabrication, we need about 14 days for the production.
Minimum order: 10 pairs per model and colour.
Volume scaling: 10 pairs.

Delivery time withib 15 workdays - see Custominfos.

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