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Models - short informations

The stick models have generally 405 mm length
PLUS or some B models have 420 mm length
PLUS-PLUS and C models have 440 mm length

Models with 9A have about 12 mm diameter
Models with 7A have about 13 mm diameter
Models with 5A have about 14 mm diameter
Models with 5B have about 15 mm diameter
Models with 2B have about 16 mm diameter
Exeptly models like 5AX - extra sizes.



Extra stick-types

Im program are also extra long sticks in hornbeam in diameter 14, 15 and 16 mm.
Classic 5A++: 440 mm x 14 mm
Classic 5B++: 440 mm x 15 mm
Classic 2B++: 440 mm x 16 mm
Rock 5A++: 440 mm x 15 mm
Rock 2B++: 440 mm x 16 mm
Round 2B++: 440 mm x 15 mm
Minimum order 10 pairs per model, 20% surcharge to the regular price.
10 pairs 440 mm hornbeam drumsticks, model like over: 44,- Euro + 5,- euros shipping in Germany
20 pairs 440 mm hornbeam drumsticks, model like over: 84,- Euro incl. shipping in Germany
Shipping in EU-countries 12,- euros, other european countries 25,- euros.
If you want moder than 20 pairs sticks, we send you an offer.



Tip-form of StarWood models

Classic: Teardrop tips have a long form and they result in a wide tone, that has some brilliant mids because of the long tip.
Crusher: Crusher tips guarantee for a bright, clear and brilliant tone. They are for playing on the cymbals but also for „back-beat“ very good.
NewBeat: A very interesting acorn tip shape. The relatively large contact area at the play produced on a strong, crisp sound.
Oval: The oval tip shape is a shorter "light version" of the paraboloid tip and fits to all styles.
Round: Round tips have excellent qualities with playing cymbals. The perfect stick with a round, wooden.
Rock: The special "Rock"- paraboloid shape of the tip develops a fat, powerful sound with a great reaction of tone.



Coloured drum Sticks

Enjoy the colours – a VERY SPECIAL OFFER!!!

Do you like a certain model, you would like to get it in a spezial colour, but you can’t find it in our store?
No problem! You’re not only able to order the shown coloured sticks but also EVERY SINGLE MODEL (Hornbeam) in colour.
Possible colours at the moment: BLACK, DEEPBLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, PINK, MAGENTA, RED and WHITE - s. Menu Custom Sticks.
Other colours an demand.
For ordering just send us an e-mail with the essential details of model, colour and number.
Please notice that an order of coloured sticks in this case is only possible for a number of 20 pairs per model and colour.



Product information / Manufactoring process

StarWood drum sticks are produced with state-of-the-art standards of production. Shaping, rounding and filing happen in one single production step, so each stick leaves the machines completely finished. The same technology is used by other drum stick manufactors.

StarWood drum sticks are produced out of selected HORNBEAM and AMERICAN HICKORY woods. Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) belongs to the class of White Beeches. It's a deciduous tree that can reach a height up to 25 metres and a diameter of 1 metre. Its age limit is about 150 years.
The White Beech is a sapwood tree with a pale, grey-whitish colour of wood. With its average gross density of 0,83 g/cm³ it has got the heaviest wood of all kinds of trees in Central Europe. The strong, extremely dense wood is characterised by a great stability, flexibility and durability . It is used for tool shafts, tools but even for building pianos and organs.
A hardwood, more lightweighted than hickory, with a softer kind of sound.The Advantage: Less weight with the same diameter. These drum sticks are well aplicable for playing Jazz, Pop, E-Drums and even Rock. The wood is dried in natural ways. We don't use any forced-drying methos, which could accelerate the process of drying, but also diminish quality. The finished sticks are provided with a thin topcoat, which strengthens the fibres of wood and prevent the drum stick from absorbing sweat (because that could lead to an untimely breaking of the drum stick). The next step is labelling, which is done with state-of-the-art swiss technology. On demand, there's the possibility of customized labelling for orders of minimum 30 pairs of drum sticks. The last step ist packaging. The drum sticks are packed in pairs into nylon envelopes in order to prevent them from humidity and damages on transport. Permanent controls while and at the end of the production process and tests of the finished drum sticks garantee a continued high quality of the StarWood drum sticks.



It is possible to pay via bank transfer, cash on delivery, prepayment or PayPal.
The additional costs for COD are 8,- Euros and is collected by the parcel service. Shipping via COD is only possible within Germany.



Shipping, product sold out

We shipping our goods worldwide via the parcel services. In Germany/EU within 5 workdays latest from beginning of the order/payment. Exeptly special orders like "own logo" and other special products. For this porducts get you an special shipping time.
Schipping costs within Germany are 5,- euros,
for shipping within the EU 14,- euros,
into the Swiss and not EU-countries in Europe 25,- euros.
Free shipping for orders from 59,- Euros up. This shipping method is only possible within Germany.
Shipping WORLDWIDE please ask for the price!






We offer spezial conditions for Re-Sellers who want to order higher amounts of sticks.. Please contact our Distribution directly in order to get your special offer.
you cand send us your request via e-mail . To prevent abuse, please tell us your UST-Id-Number.
Please tell us about the wanted amount, the model, the colour and the logo you wish.

Feel free to ask your questions at any time.

StarWood Team
Tel.: (0)681 - 37 44 22
Precall for Germany: 0049 oder +49